Southwest Kayaks Fishing Open

June 1, 2024

Southwest Kayaks Fishing Open Experience kayak bass fishing in this amazing open fishing tournament series featuring a $20 buy-in and a 100 percent payout! The tournaments are held the first Saturday of every month!


1st 50%

2nd 30%

3rd 20%

Side Pots- $5 each additional for big fish and small fish

Open tournament launch

Tournament check-in begins at Southwest Outfitters 1 hour prior to tournament start time (you will have 30 mins to travel to and from tournament start)

In summer months (Mar-Oct):

Regsitration is 5am-5:30am

Tournament begins at 6am

Tournament ends at 3pm

You must arrive at Southwest Outfitters to check in with score card by 3:30pm (arriving later than 3:30pm results in a disqualification)

In winter months (Nov-Feb):

Regsitration is 7am-7:30am

Tournament begins at 8am

Tournament ends at 3pm

You must arrive at Southwest Outfitters to check in with score card by 3:30pm (arriving later than 3:30pm results in a disqualification)

• There is a $20 entry fee to participate in cash only upon registration (pre-registration or online registration is not an option)

• You can also register at the time of event on site.  You will receive a scorecard to use as an identifier for photos. All participants subject to inclusion in event-related photos

• Catch, Photo and Release - Grand total of your top 3 longest measured Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass

• First three positions place: First Place awarded 50% payout; Second 30% payout; Third 20% payout. Each receives a Award. Each placing winner has the responsibility to share at least one successful technique that led to their catch with other participants as part of the educational purpose of this event.

• Side, optional pools are usually available for big and small fish

• Participating anglers must be 18 or older or accompanied by an adult

• Anglers must follow all AZ Game and Fish and event locale rules

• Only motorless watercraft allowed, single or tandem. Each angler must be registered as an individual participant and no pooling of catches allowed.

• No live bait; artificial lures only

• No fishing in designated off-limits areas

• No use of alcohol or drugs during event

• Bass - facing left on Hawg Trough, dorsal fin toward top of photo, tail centered and in a relaxed, un-pinched condition, mouth completely closed - with jaw / lip touching fence of measuring board

• Bass length is determined by its tail touching or crossing a quarter-inch line on the measuring board

• If it falls short of a line, the length is rounded down to nearest 1/4 inch mark

• Tie breakers - biggest bass in group if still tied, then earliest timestamp on photo of biggest bass in group

• All Bass must be caught on rod, reel, line and hook only. An angler may only have one line in the water at a time

• Digital photographs of each bass submitted must meet these requirements:

• Unique - one photo for each bass caught

• Legible - photo must be clear enough to read identifier and judge length accurately

• Eligible - photo must have been created within the official competition start and end times

• Kayak clearly visible in photo

• No late returns - must be out of water at launch point by stated end time - otherwise you are disqualified

Registration is at Southwest Outfitters, 159 Paseo Del Sol, LHC

For more information: Southwest Outfitters Facebook page

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Lake Havasu State Park
699 London Bridge Rd
Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403

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